Kanene Holder
@Clocked · 15:00

#AskSwell Is #Trump banned from the ballot in Colorado a good idea? 🤔

To secure the ballot in the 2024 cycle. But Donald Trump's not the first person to complain about an election. But we have to end it there. We thank you. And again, happy. Thank you. Senator Lindsey Graham. Trump's legal troubles will soon collide with the campaign calendar. How will it all impact the 2024 race? Our expert legal panel weighs in when we come back in just two. Ooh, I can't wait

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Shawna Kearsley
@OnAcornBay · 4:59

Political Strategy - operation THE DONALD!

So bring out the vote is one of the things that we're always going to be saying here. Always, whatever you vote for, I don't care, just go out there and vote. There is a sense of urgency. There is a tremendous sense of urgency because we are approaching the election because the Donald is back, baby. This is scary. It's scary. And what's scary about it for me is how Donald Trump is being brought and being propelled back