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Clarissa Vazquez
@ClazVaz · 4:54

Discourse on appearance and self esteem

I like that. Have you guys ever heard the saying look good, feel good? That's what I think like if you go somewhere, let's say you're wearing really tight pants, right? You're wearing your standing up pants at a sit down place. So you're wearing really tight pants one day. Let's pretend you're going to work and you just ran out of clean laundry so you had to wear the pants that are least comfortable on you

#selfesteem #appearance

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J Wang
@jsmwang · 2:42
I don't know if you guys saw, but Amy Cuddy just had kind of like a self care interview on Swell and she's the amazing Ted Talk Speaker about body language. And I don't know, I feel like it's really like dressing your best and feeling your best. But I can see how some people don't really like get them or it doesn't affect them as much
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