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TV SHOWS: do you prefer new episodes released all at once or week-to-week?

I have a feeling some of you are going to say, Well, it depends on the show. Some shows maybe you prefer the week to week, maybe some shows like Mandalorian, for example, there may be other shows like Wanda Vision for keeping the Disney plus, you're like, Well, I just wish I could just get the whole season. So, yeah, give us some examples. What are the shows that you think work best for week to week?

So basically, Netflix "binge model" vs the Disney+ "new episode every week" model

Bowie Rowan
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Getting real with myself on this one

There are some shows that maybe are heavier or more stressful that I do think I prefer week to week, or I will purposely choose to watch it with a friend or someone else so that I'm only watching it an episode or two at a time. So a good example of that from my life recently has been euphoria

Ditto. Continuity & nuance. @cinemaholics @bowie

But when I had to start watching it week to week, it lost something for me. And so I think that once the next so many episodes are out, then I'll watch it. I'm not going to watch it week to week because it's going to drive me nuts. The other thing that I think, too, that is a defining factor, I guess, is continuity between not so much the things you see, set design or where the wound is on someone
Neal Damiano
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Not sure I understand your question fully. Cinema Hawaii, but I'm going to put my two cent in anyhow me. Personally, I like to watch a show week to week. That way I have something new to look forward too. I have friends that like to binge watch shows, but me myself. I like to watch a new episode one week and then be on a cliffhanger and come back next week and watch a new episode. I often like miniseries
phil spade
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Something to be said for anticipation!

And I don't watch a lot of TV, but say, I like Better Call Saul, which I do. I never know when the season starts. I don't know if it's going on right now. I don't think it is, but I have the DVR set to record anything new that comes on Better Call Saul. And even when it's in season, I'll go two or three weeks and forget that it's actually on or I can't view it on that night
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Welcome to Swell!

Izzy S-L
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This is a really interesting question because I I'm gonna say that I like them to be released all at once. I like to watch it like a couple of episodes at a time and then take a break. And there's just so much more fun flexibility when it comes to it all being released at once. And I like that level of control when I have to wait, the anticipation kills me, and then I lose motivation to watch it and all this stuff