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Cinemaholics Podcast

 · 2yr ago · 0:43

Are movie theaters dead? Thoughts on HBO Max getting theatrical blockbusters straight to streaming

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"…Do you think it's a good idea? And do you think they'll keep doing it after a year, which is what they said. I think yeah, they'll keep doing it. But talk about it. Let's see what everybody thinks.…"

Curious how you all feel about this...


D Pardes

@GivingVoice · 2yr ago · 2:04

We are pack animals / collective needs will prevail

"…But theaters are going to be able to say, okay, we're going to have this 6ft thing, but we're going to offer people what they love because historically, people have even during times of war, you know, people love movies, lipstick and beer, and it's not that staying home, even though screaming is a new phenomenon, people want to be in connection or pack animals in a lot of ways.…"

Bernie Goldbach

@topgold · 2yr ago · 1:50

@GivingVoice the Kino lives on

"…You could also buy beer and wine in the lobby and use it on your table. It's those kind of plush settings that not every cinema has. But there is a bit of a feeding frenzy or a communal activity around enjoying the effects on booming speakers and large screens and shrieking into light or gasping in terror. So certain crowd dynamic, I think, is essential to humanity. I also, once a year go to Ashford Castle. It has a cinema 35 seats, plush red velour free suites.…"


Taylor J

@Taylor · 2yr ago · 2:04


"…I mean, he's one of the greatest directors right now, and he's responsible for Dune, and the whole situation is such a mess when I'm not too surprised by I think that usually people are going to go wherever they think they can make the most money. But it's just a shame that there hasn't even been a single year of this pandemic that has gone by, and Warner Brothers is basically fully abandoning a system that was in place for decades and decades and decades.…"

Aces Of Fun

@FilmStarlet · 2yr ago · 2:39

Movies moved to HBO Max is the best option right now. #HBOMax #film #Covid

"…And so that way they still have access to these movies, then at least they are being watched. At least people at home are being entertained. And for right now, I think that's what it has to be. It's better than having no movies at all just because of the movie theaters. I mean, we're lucky right now that with the pandemic that we have that we still have our own entertainment.…"


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