Chynxx Brynxx
@chynxxbrynxx · 4:22

Why are all rappers dieing with no vest or bullet proof vehicles?

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And with no protection, no vest on them. No, no, no, no vest or bullet proof vehicles. It's pretty much 35% to 40% of what you're going to pay for the average farm. You might as well go get it, get you a regular car, and drop that steel reinforced door. Get you high level threes. Get you some level three ammo. But, yeah, none of that negative stuff, you know, just got to protect yourself

Too many rappers gone too soon

Taylor J
@Taylor · 1:27

You think it has to do with appearing as "badass" as possible?

It's something that's been on their mind. And so I wonder why this very obvious thing is forgotten or deliberately left out. And the only thing that I could think of and feel free to let me know if you think I'm on the right track even remotely, is that within the genre, I feel like there is still this desire to make yourself look as macho as possible or as badass as possible. And so maybe having a ton of protection is seen as being weak
Chynxx Brynxx
@chynxxbrynxx · 1:35
There's a lot of behind the scenes footage that we don't get that is not released to the public via the artist, letting them know I don't show that. But behind the scenes, it was just showing that he had security and Oblock with him out there in Chicago. So these rappers, they do have security. It's just not seen. And they make it purposely like that because of what you said. It's the image they don't want to be seen
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