What are some good shows that you guys like to watch? Now, I know this gets asked more frequently, but some of my favorite shows are I love Sex and the City. That's a classic. One of my favorites. I love Euphoria. I love Outer Banks, 921 Tree Hill. The list goes on and on. I kind of love that, like, more teenage soap opera drama kind of vibe. But also, I like all different types of shows as well

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Isabella Croston
@isabellaa · 0:40
Hello. So if you like One Tree Hill and 902 on shows like that, you should definitely watch the OC. It's on Hulu and I think it might be on HBO Max too, but it is so good. As soon as I saw it, my favorite shows were like One Tree Hill and different shows like that. And as soon as I saw the OC, it became like my favorite and yes