Night time veiws and self chat: accountability equals progress

A lot of times if you find yourself being disconnected from people after so long or you find yourself being angry, it's not a them problem, it's a you problem. And I say that because I've been that problem before, too. I've been that problem to where I've been saying, why come people don't this? Why come people don't that? And then I look at it, I'm just like, okay, well, I'm not setting boundaries

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Andrea Piggue
@Andrea_Speaks · 3:30


It helps me to see where my weaknesses are. It also helps me to see where my strengths are. So I like for people to hold me accountable for what I say and what I do. I don't always say everything right. I don't always do everything right. But at the core of me, I mean, good. And so I need people to hold me accountable so that I can become better. I also hold myself accountable
Kitha Larie
@chitchatwithkk · 1:11


There's times to where maybe I didn't look at things and I didn't see my fault, but then I look back and I see my fault and I try to fix it or whatever. I try to move past it and learn something and to see how I could have handled the situation a little bit better each time. But, yeah, it's. The weather is crazy today. Weather is crazy
Swell Team
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Pritha Lal
@lifecoachPritha · 2:22
It is so funny how that happens and how easy it is to make that shift from being in that victim mode. Everybody's wrong, and I'm the only one who's right to saying and accepting that, hey, I can also be wrong. So can other people. And it's okay. And I can be right, and I can proceed, and somebody else could do even better. And I have much to learn from
Kitha Larie
@chitchatwithkk · 1:37
It makes me feel accomplished, because I know that even if I don't have that title as my full time job, I'm still progressing, because you understood me as I understand you. So I'm so glad to be able to connect with someone like you who is a life coach, because your words of wisdom, they give me hope. So I want to thank you so much. And I did have a hard day yesterday, and coming on here and just hearing your voice uplifted me