I mean, there's a lot of things going on in the world today that really deserve the voice that you are bringing or can bring to the table. And so many things that don't get taken care of or get overlooked because we don't speak. We don't have a voice. There's so many people out there who give up on life because we decide that we're just going to simply listen today. Stop just listening and talk about it. Stop just listening and talk about it

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Nya Story
@NyaStory · 4:59
We'll hold conversations for hours on end with total complete strangers because my grandmother didn't spoke or she didn't commented or they didn't ask her a question, and we didn't help them with they whole task. But, um, I've been a helper all my life, you know, and I try to still implement exactly what you just said
Todd Heimbecker
@noarms · 0:16
Totally agree. The last five or six days. People listen more than they speak. I totally agree. Last five or six days. Same here. People listen to my things more than they speak. Just want to respond to that. Thank you very much. Bye now. Bye