love journey : words from heart

And that's that relationship that I found out that I could truly have the love that some people have where they really feel as if they can't live without their person, that they can't imagine a day without the person in their life. I felt it. While it's a blessing to feel it, I also am trying to unfill it with that person

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Tonya Dewhurst
@BeKind2 · 5:00
And I don't know how to get rid of it. I think it's there for a purpose. I think it helps us because after we've been vulnerable once and we got burnt, then the fear is there to protect us from mistakes that cost us the same. I always try to ask myself when I'm making a big decision, like dating again, or am I ready? Or what's the cost? I put it through this. I call it a sieve
Kitha Larie
@chitchatwithkk · 1:44
Or maybe they do care and don't know how to express it, because sometimes we encounter people who are not, who have things that they need, battles they need to fight that they haven't even began. And so when we take them on, we take on their battles, too. Sometimes we know it, sometimes we don't. And sometimes those battles and their own fears that they have actually blocks them and holds them back. So it goes on both sides