When’s the last time you said llove you to yourself?

It's not that relationship of having someone to love us, the fact of having some work friend, or the fact of keeping that long term 20 year friend in our lives despite the changes that the world may bring, when we know we need to let go of them, that it's not about that. Maybe letting go of that person is you doing for you and loving yourself. We don't always need who's in our life

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Leanne Pritchett
@TheMs.Leanne · 0:45
Thank you for this. This is such an important topic. This is something we need to tell ourselves on a daily basis, constantly. As someone who gives so much of myself to others and not enough to myself, I saw this and went, all right, Leanne, this is a definitely kind of a gentle kick in the bum to you that you need to do this, too. It is okay to take care of you and put yourself first. It is not being conceited
Kitha Larie
@chitchatwithkk · 1:22
Hey, Leanne, it means so much for you to comment on my post and to state that you're going to do exactly what I was talking about. Love yourself. Because we say we love ourselves, but what do we do to actually show that we're doing so we say it. Words are one thing, but acts are another. Just like when someone tells us that they love us, we hear them say it, right? But if they have no actions behind it, it means nothing
Swell Team
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Oh, Keith, you hit the nail on the head with that one. That was an amazing one. This is MJ here. And I just wanted to, first of all, congratulate and thank you for that post because it was very revealing. And also, I wanted to take a moment just very quickly to tell people, it's a strange thing. I don't really understand the dynamics of why it happens
Kitha Larie
@chitchatwithkk · 0:46
And it doesn't all have to come from you. It can come from different people, different times. You know, we all have different experiences. So with our experiences put together, we can enhance the outcome of things. So I thank you so much for responding. Have a wonderful night