Relationships are you for real or just not ready

And then when that person goes and decides that they're going to find someone who suits them, here they come running back. Here they come. Give me a chance. It's like they can feel you. They can feel you. They know that you're seeking someone else. And I think they know that you care, too, because they know you care deeply. And so they're always saying things that resonate with you, that fit with you

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Flor Cantu
@FlorCantu · 3:42
You. Hi, friend. Listening and thinking and trying to compare it to my situation, but I don't think I've ever been in a serious relationship. But I don't know, I'm 41 and I think I'm past all those stages. I don't even know what relationship at my age will look like. How does that go? Since I was reckless back when I was dating? Well, not let's just say I never dated
Kitha Larie
@chitchatwithkk · 4:11
Starting over, explaining my family to people, getting to know people, letting people in my life, and I just didn't know how it was going to go. But I just think people today, they are selfish. People are selfish. And I've been a placeholder, too. I actually told the last guy I dated that what I thought that he was doing because he was back and forth, back and forth. I love you. I want to be with all this
Swell Team
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orrin carter
@Orrin · 1:30


You. What's up man? You got me sitting here thinking am I a project? Like, I mean I know where I want to go with my life and I have direction and I don't know. That's a good question. I'll say this though. It I think people well let me change that because that's not necessarily true. I think that we accept the love we think we deserve, however that looks subconsciously, of course
Kitha Larie
@chitchatwithkk · 4:54
I really like interacting with people, no matter who they are or what stage in life they're in, because I love hearing people stories and I love helping people. But relationships is just an era that I'm constantly learning more about myself and more about other people. And one day I'll get that little dream image, the one that I want, or I'll get the one that I'm meant to have. So it is what it is. Have an amazing Sunday
orrin carter
@Orrin · 2:32


I'm sure you will clean that up. But nonetheless, that is a frightening, dreadful feeling to be. To say, I've been to the top of the mountaintop, but I'm only destined for valleys. Having a quote unquote 30 day free trial. Don't feel good. And that's scary for me because, oh, man, you know, I. I remember. I remember praying
Kitha Larie
@chitchatwithkk · 4:40
It doesn't mean that I'll go through life and experience it again, and it doesn't mean that I won't experience it again. But if I keep on going for what I want, and I keep believing that I'm going to get it, then chances are that I will. And the same thing in anything else in life, like I tell people when I date them, like I know what I want, I'm going to get it and I'm serious about it