Zach Hillard
@Chief2 · 1:16

The Rock joins the TKO board of directors!

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I don't know if he's a money consultant. Whatever it is, whatever it is, it's amazing and I love it. And I think he's already going to be at the rumble. So this just confirms that to me because he was going to be at the rumble no matter what, in my opinion. But I think especially if he's associated with the board of directors of an owning company of the WWE

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Edward Oribhabor
@Edcellent · 1:30

The Rock continues making #moneymoves !

TKO is the merger between WWE and UFC. They're going to be under that one company. So I'm really looking forward to seeing what these two brands have in store. I don't watch a lot of UFC, but I do watch quite a bit of WWE. So from time to time, I'll tune in to watch a UFC match
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