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Do people really offer genuine support?

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It might be difficult, but that will help you in long run. The efforts that you put in paving your own path, the hard work that you put, the dedication, determination and the kind of research work that you do in order to pave a path for fulfilling your dreams by your own, will always give you a great experience of life. One truth is, experiences teach you more than anything else

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We suddenly stop becoming valuable to the other people with the things that we have been creating. If you look back to any kind of objective that has been accomplished, anything that has been created into a big success story, the whole idea behind that was to be able to create a mutually sustainable value for each other. And when I mean mutually sustainable value, it means that I am genuinely creating something that I am passionate about, and I am genuinely attracting people who are equally passionate about what I create
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I think we often talk about financial independence a lot, right? But emotional independence is a thing. Self reliance is a thing which are equally important, if not more so. Thank you. Thank you for putting out this wonderfully put swell. You structured it so beautifully. You made such wonderful points, and they resonated with me, Gauri. So keep posting these wonderful swells and thank you. Good night. I'll see you around
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So the nature of relationship also signifies the, and significantly impacts the authenticity of support. Okay, so close meaningful connections offer involve more genuine support. But at the same time you can contradict in saying we have seen that close relationships have Peter McKenzie Kopti, they have inserted, they have stabbed the dagger in your back. But keeping on a positive front, close and meaningful connections, they often involve more genuine support. So whereas distant and strained relations may limit the depths of assistance
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So one of the posts where Preeti was discussing about self love and she and other folks were discussing about vulnerability, that can only happen in an environment where there's a, you know, when it comes to swell family, I would say I am very much open to Rajat, Preeti and Himanshi because I speak to these people often and I am able to relate to them, and I have shared values and so forth and so on. Okay? So that is where this building trust is
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So if you have a heart, it would be broken at a certain point of time. And you need to evolve from that. Fortunately. Unfortunately, that's how the process is. It says, if God has big plans for you, so it will break you into pieces first. So when you feel that you have been breaking down into pieces, then you're a part of a larger picture. Trust that, okay? Be genuine. Win to yourself