The everyday hero manifesto

Hello, friends. The book for the day. The Everyday Hero Manifesto. Author Robin Sharma. The book talks about positivity and positive thinking. What caught my attention was chapter 16. Here the writer explained how to design our lifestyle by focusing on four crucial area of life. One, mindset, two heartset. Three soul set and four HealthSET. Mindset is all about psychology to work on your thoughts by practicing positive thought. Positive talk

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Challa Sri Gouri
@challasrigouri · 1:00
That is The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari which is written by Robin Sharma. And it was much influenced by that particular book, I feel. And the kind of points that you put forward about this particular book really fascinated me to actually read this and then understand what this specialty of this particular book is. Thank you so much for such a wonderful swell and thank you so much once again. Have a great day