Celine Guzman

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tattoos…serious or fun? ✨

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"…But I also was like, it really doesn't have to be if I think that it's pretty because it's my body and it's going to be on my body forever. If I like it, I like it. So yeah, I wanted to ask and kind of see what everyone thinks. Do you think that tattoos have to have some really deep meaning or it's not worth it, or are you kind of a person that's like, hey, it's your body.…"



Monica Bordelon

@Olitiger76 · 7mo ago · 3:03

"…But I just wanted a tattoo, and I saw that. I'm like, oh, baby Tiger. Why not? I do like Tigers, but there was no real meaning behind it. And then after that, I got a God assembled on the back of my neck because I was in my spiritual journey and I related to a lot of goddess Aphrodite and Athena and stuff like that. I was very fascinated with those goddesses, so I put that on the back of my neck.…"

My tattoos


Gabie Rudolph

@gabrudolph · 7mo ago · 2:49

"…Maybe the picture or words don't really represent exactly like anything, but when I got it, they represented something in my life. I don't really think much of my tattoos do have meaning, but I think I could put some meaning to them. My first tattoo, I was with my friends and I was like, by Friday wasn't planning on getting a tattoo, but the rest of my friends were. So I was like, whatever.…"


Gabie Rudolph

@gabrudolph · 7mo ago · 0:11

"…Also forgot to mention I actually just got a tattoo like a week ago and I just got a black cat for my cat. His name is Bones, but yeah, I'm pretty obsessed with it. It's pretty cute.…"


Kendall Milender

@kendallmilender · 7mo ago · 0:46

"…Like, for me, I'm like, oh, if I went to the Olympics, which I never will, I would get the Olympic rings where somebody could really like a quote and say that that's meaningful and that's symmetric for meaning. So it's interesting that I've heard that expression used by so many people regarding tattoo. Like, I would get one if it had meaning, but people infuse different meaning into that phrase itself, which I think gets kind of interesting. Yeah.…"


Kendall Milender

@kendallmilender · 7mo ago · 0:04

"…I loved hearing that story.…"

Taylor J

@Taylor · 7mo ago · 2:02

"…Like, my left arm is half sleeved, and that was four separate tattoo that I decided at some point, I want to basically blend them together and make them seem similarly. And I think that once you get a certain number of tattoos, that feeling of, oh, I really need this to mean something definitely dissipates. I have a couple of black bands on my ankle, and people ask me all the time, what do those black bands mean?…"

Margaret Latenser

@Maggiel6 · 7mo ago · 0:36

"…I mean, since I was probably in fifth grade, I loved it forever. But I really like yours, and I like it when as long as somebody really likes what's on their body, I think it's. I don't think people should judge anyone for their tattoo, honestly. But, yeah, I love mine, and I think yours is really cool.…"

Katie Callahan

@katiecal · 7mo ago · 0:56

"…I do think you should put a little bit of thought into it because it is going to be on you forever. But yeah, the whole idea that tattoo have to have some meaning. Is that's fair? I guess for some people. But honestly, it's up to you. It's your choice, it's what you want to do it's. So yeah, I just think it varies from person to person. But I love your tattoo. I think it's really cool.…"

Samuel Penate

@samuelpenate · 7mo ago · 1:25

"…And I have the semicolon and probably some people might be aware of what that means though, and I just personally think it's fun to get tattoos. And when I see individuals with people in general though, with so many tattoo, I think it's like a form of art and expression and I guess it's just like personal comfortness. So Yeah.…"

Christina Dunham

@chrissydunham · 7mo ago · 1:29

"…It's funny cause when I was younger I thought that you could only get a tattoo, I guess, like if it had specific meaning to it. But especially like as I've gotten older, I fully believe, like it is your body, it is your choice. In my eyes, it does not matter if you have tattoos or not. It's not going to change my personal view of you as a person.…"


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