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Train Travels πŸš‚

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"…Hey, Sal. So I just took a train ride from Seattle to Los Angeles. It was like 30 hours, and it was crazy. It was super fun, but it was, like, really time consuming. And I didn't have, like a room. I had only a seat, but they were actually really comfortable, surprisingly. And I feel like I slept really well on the train.…"


Chris Armel

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"…Thought about doing the I forget what the actual Amtrak line is called, but I live in Georgia, so heading down to New Orleans on Amtrak but haven't ever actually gone through with it. I was curious what your experience overall with the train was. I'm assuming it was on Amtrak. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about whether it was nice or not and the food and whatnot. Anyways, maybe I'll get to it one of these days.…"

grace pouri

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"…That's one thing that sucks about I feel like trains here versus trains in other countries, or at least here specifically is like I was able to go to different countries within a matter of a few hours versus in here. It takes exactly 30 hours to get just from Seattle to here, but you could take a train from Italy to France and like five. So I think that is super fun and a great experience that I definitely want to do again.…"

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"…And then I'm running through the train, they ring the Bell and then the train pulls away without me and it's about to buy another ticket and everything. And then on that train going to another city and going to Reno, I fall asleep on the train and I wake up and I'm like I have no idea where I'm at.…"

Train Travels πŸš‚

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