Celine Guzman

@celine·4mo ago·4:17

harry’s house rankings 🏠

MusicCollege Voice USA 🇺🇸

"…Not that I don't like them but I was expecting a rock song like something like crazy and then it became now it's a sad song and it caught me off guard and I don't know I do like the song a lot. I mean I love all the songs but it just caught me off guard and I was like wait what anyway yeah and the first two lines is like the way it starts like little freak. Jezebel I just don't like that.…"



Cassandra Franco

@Cass_franco · 4mo ago · 0:56

"…Hey Celine, love this swell. I've been trying to respond to all the Harris House swells that are popping up here and there, but I definitely agree. This is also one of my favorite albums this guy doesn't miss. This is his third album and it's a banger no skips, just like his last two. I love the feel good energy and the vibe that he's created and then the storytelling within it too is just really good.…"


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