Valeriya Divine
@celestialmoon · 4:40

đź”®Childhood trauma & subconscious programming

Sometimes I forget that she gave birth to me. And sometimes I feel like I have to be the bigger person. It's crazy. And I feel like when we truly think about people and how are they brought up and there's so many things we don't know about them. And there are so many things we don't know about ourselves. So much of our childhood is forgotten or it's just simply a programmed into us subconsciously

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Dewuan .
@FryedOreo · 4:28

Nature’s Programming

But I think what you're getting at here possibly is what can break the cycle. And what I'm kind of wondering is that can the cycle still be there even if you haven't been exactly around your parents. So nature versus nurture, right. My dad has been in my life to some degree, but it seems like I took a lot after him in terms of just certain ways in which how I go about things I often hear