Chaos began as people ran for life. In this process, a man was left behind. The shadow lashed itself on him. Then he had a phrase of a grim he followed them and plucked hearts of each one. The village was abandoned every passing day. It was called Teddy's destiny way. As you can still hear the voices of the screams that yell with inverted process

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Ty Dobbs
@dobbsty · 0:27
Andromeda what a freaky and fun story. Thanks for sharing. I love a good horror story. I used to be obsessed. Excuse me, I just had a sneeze. I used to be obsessed with Edgar Allan Poe growing up and I can still feel how some of those poems made me feel as I was reading them as a young boy for the first time. Suspenseful and mystery. And this kind of gave me that same sense of emotion. So thanks for sharing
Andromeda M
@celestial · 0:26


Omgi, I just don't know what to say. You just gave me the biggest compliment ever, comparing me with and I mean, oh, my God, it's a huge, huge compliment. I think you made my day. Thank you so much that you love my poetry. I'm going to share more. So, yeah, looking forward to it. And thank, thanks again. Thanks a lot