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 · 1w ago · 3:32

Movie Remakes: Yay or Nay

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"…So what I wanted to talk to you guys about today was they're remaking a couple of movies. I don't know if you guys are aware of them. The first one is white man can't jump. Now, I'm probably telling my age by talking about this movie. This movie came out, like, what was it? Like, the end of the 90s or maybe mid 90s, right. Who knows when white men can't jump? Came out. But yeah, they're remaking.…"

There are two movies being remade do you think they should of just left them alone? #movies


Tanya Coles

@MsColes77 · 1w ago · 3:59

"…And of course, when I watched Coming to America, the second version of it, I did not expect it to be like the first. They had a lot of obstacles with COVID and everything, trying to shoot the movie and all that. They had a lot of issues there. Our sense of humor in the 2000s is way different than it was in the 80s. They said a lot of crazy stuff in the 80s that you probably it's not that you can't get away with saying it.…"


Luce Fonrose

@ilovelucee · 1w ago · 3:21

"…I don't even know if you can get like the same demographic that you targeted before when the first one came out. I'm really not sure if you'll be able to appeal to that demographic again. And it's really hard to. I heard the spin off or sequel, whatever you may call it, although it's not really a sequel because they're remaking it. But I heard like, whenever you try to do things like that, it's very difficult.…"

J.L. Beasley

@Her_Sisu · 1w ago · 4:24

"…Now, when they transitioned it to The Play, I was cool with that because it's a Play, it's a different forum. And I went to see it was breathtakingly spectacular, but a remake of the movies, TV remake of perfection of Excellence as I know it. It a piece of my childhood that felt protected and I have no problem until my age because it's a blessing to still be alive. I'm 42 and I distinctly remember them watching that movie for the first time.…"

Juan Santillan

@elAtlasfan1 · 6d ago · 2:54

"…It. Hey, sometimes movie remix, they work, sometimes they don't work. It depends on how you how are you feeling about the movie? Like, say, this one movie I found Friday, they were supposed to make a remake of that, but I don't know if production stopped or something happened. It within two movies. Movies distributions. And sometimes it's better not to make remakes because you're going through the whole story over and over again over rewrites scripts.…"

Harvey Pullings

@The79thstreetkd · 6d ago · 4:57

"…I think there's so much material out there that could resonate with a new audience, but because now we see a machine in media that is really, really geared towards treating these titles, whether it be The Color Purple, White Man Can't Jump or whatever that they touch, that has a bit of a background. It's an intellectual property in their mind. And when it's an intellectual property, it's not seen as a film.…"

Harvey Pullings

@The79thstreetkd · 6d ago · 4:51

"…And these things are much more polished. These things are much more cleaner. The filmmaking doesn't take as many risk. They look alike with how they go about the filmmaking. And I might be biased because as a filmmaker and photographer, I see things in a different way, but it's cleaner than what it should be.…"

Swell Team

@Swell · now · 0:15

Quincy Brown

@Tweetylocc · 6d ago · 1:28

"…Hey, CJ. How you doing? My name's Twitty. Yeah, I don't think white man can't jump can survive in 2023, especially with Jokich killing in the NBA playoffs right now. Oh, you know he white. You might be so no, but hey, close enough. But Color Purple, now, they gonna hire a cute cast. Okay. Yeah. Effects on it.…"

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