So it was brought to my attention that I have used certain words, certain terminology or whatever that can be taken totally negative, even though that's not what I meant. So just being mindful of that

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Jodi Lin
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I get what you're saying, but I personally think that people have gotten way too obsessed with words. And I could see when it comes to talking to children, but I think that other adults are just getting way too overly sensitive and taking things personally, taking things wrong. And we shouldn't be responsible for that. I can see where. Okay, of course you want to be considerate and kind, but you also want to keep it real
Deborah Gilmore
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Wellness Wednesday-WORDS

It's a miserable life. And so I just want to just say that your words matter to our children. Not just to children, but to everyone. Because sometimes we don't know what people are going through, and we could say the wrong word one day to the wrong person, and that could cost you your life. So words are very essential in this world. Words is language. Nonverbal and verbal. It's still language. And we have to know how to communicate effectively