Good afternoon, y'all. Happy Tuesday. I am so sorry I missed y'all yesterday. I'm have to come and give y'all the word because yesterday it was gonna be good, but I just didn't get around to doing it. I apologize. But today is talk about a Tuesday, y'all. Listen, I know you read in the subtitle, right? When to attend a funeral. This is a serious, serious question. I wanted

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Darrain …
@TheBriefOne · 4:39
There are the parts of society into which, if you're not buried in the same lands as your elders at a church home, then you didn't have a church home. Or if you did, then great. But you get where I'm going with that. It's a struggle because there have been many people in my life who have passed whom I did not get a chance to say goodbye to. I did not get a chance to go to a funeral, and I wanted to
Angela Kaye
@AnngieKaye · 2:51
They don't have to know you, but when they look out and see a sea of faces in the funeral home or at the wake or wherever, and that they're going to know that their loved one was loved, thought about, cared for, and that they left a mark on this world. So my encouragement to you is to go bye