You. Good morning. Good morning. Happy Thursday, y'all. Today is Thursday, March 7. This month is just flying by. You're already one week in. Good morning. It's kind of chilly outside this morning, but it's supposed to warm up. But who knows? It's gonna be partly sunny or something. I don't know. But whatever it is, you all know what I always tell you all. If it ain't no sunshine, where you

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Inspired Voice
@AnthonyAnthem · 1:35
Those 5 minutes make all the difference in mornings and afternoons or whatever. I'm sure for a lot of people. I know it does for me because it makes me think, it makes me respond. It puts different thoughts and everything in my head. It is very good. I hope that you're enjoying your work function at the table and you are shooting your shot at the people. It you are doing it with purpose. You are thankful for the position, for everything