Catherine Illene Miles
@CattCoaches · 4:51

Wellness Wednesday - Intellectual

Hello. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Happy Wednesday. It's wellness Wednesday today, and we are going to continue on with our wellness Wednesday, our self care. This is week five, I believe. And so the self care topic for this week is intellectual. So how are we taking care of our mental, like our literal mental, intellectual self care and so on today? Just think about when we're talking intellectual. Think about, do you read?

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Inspired Voice
@AnthonyAnthem · 1:32
I'm a poet and I've been an inspirational poet for over 20 years now, and I write a daily inspirational poem. It's for me, it's for other people. It's to utilize and spread the gift that God has given me in the form of writing poetry. I never liked it in school, never studied it. Really like the intellectual self care wellness Wednesday message. Have a good day. Talk to you soon. God bless