And I know you're probably like, oh, my God, what's wrong with her? Ain't nothing wrong with me. I just want you to know that it's okay to choose you. It's okay to choose yourself. It's okay to be selfish. It's okay to put you first. It's okay to clap for yourself. It's okay to put yourself on a pedestal. It's okay to be your biggest cheerleader

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Darrain …
@TheBriefOne · 2:12
Normally it's the same thing that people try to drive you into obscurity and derision and overall, like, they push you away from them because you're becoming special or being special. They don't want you to choose you. No one ever does. Why? Because most of the time, people were too afraid to ever choose themselves before they submitted to a world in a lifestyle that would permanently deny them their authentic truth in exchange for convenient check and or overly unsatisfied sweet tooth. Much love and light