Catherine Illene Miles
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Monday Motivation - Positive Self Talk

So if it's raining outside, or you can still say it's going to be a great day, despite the rain, it's going to be a great day. And I've told you before, you all have some light and sunshine within you. So even if it is a gloomy, bad day, you bring the light, you bring the sunshine, you bring the positivity

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Isoellen Writes
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And what's funny is the weekend before that was just as kind of difficult, as challenging as stretching on my patients as any other day. But I had such a better attitude that the time just flew by and it was so much easier. When I go in thinking I'm blessed to be a blessing. I'm here not just to get a paycheck, but because I have something to offer to give. And what I give is necessary and important and valuable and valued
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Inspired Voice
@AnthonyAnthem · 1:08
I positive self talk. Very good reminder that when we wake up to be thankful, the very first minute, first second, it should be thank you, God. Because some people didn't make it, some people don't see today. Awesome message it. And yes, we should try to do something nice for somebody as much as possible because we don't know who needs it. A simple gesture, a simple opening the door for somebody. A simple hello