Chronicles of an Overthinker: Do I Need to be Understood?

And sometimes, you know, it's, you know, sometimes even my family members would mistake and think that I'm not. I don't know our culture, or I don't know our values, or I have changed when I hold those values dear to me, or I hold those cultural values dear to me. So this is an example of a deep misunderstanding that I have experienced and continue to experience

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Devski Grene’
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And so I had to learn how to make my ideas and the content within my being relatable to whoever it is that I'm speaking to. If I'm speaking to a child, I want that child to understand the words that I'm saying. Otherwise, why would I be even speaking the words to them? But I have to make that relatable to that child's education and understanding
Sarita pramod
@pocketofstories · 2:45
Hi, Candy. What a wonderful piece. You did it again. You're amazing. That's all I can say. Because you find topics that touch the core of the heart. What are you? You write poem, you're a doctor, you're a healer, you tell stories, you have a lovely laughter, you're a positive person. My God, what a wonderful combination. You're a bomb
@Candy Livesherlife
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I think, number one, you were saying, right, that when it comes to our identity, we don't need to be understood by other people. You're self validated in who you are, like, you're confident in who you are. You don't need that from other people. And the other one, that the other perspective you offered was also equally, equally interesting
@Candy Livesherlife
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That's, that was very special for me. And I ended up being like, yeah, I am a bomb full of surprises, and I need to live up to that. I need to keep living up to that. So, you know, I think you have put it so nicely, you know, by using the words. You've expressed it so nicely. You use the word misfits. And that's exactly what it is when you choose to do things differently from societal norms
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Mitakshara Shirgaonkar
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Now I'm also a project management trainer. And right now I have this dream of carving out a niche for myself where I want to write my own stories on social media, which will help me connect with the right kind of people who could possibly give me the leads for my activities further. And then there are some people who kind of tell me about not mixing two things. Now, where should I go? Because there are others who really understand my work