No One is Coming to Save You

So I wonder what your thoughts are on this truth, you know, that no one is coming to save you, and you got yourself. And so I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts. And as usual, I'll cheers to you and I will catch you, as always, in the next one. Bye

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Neha Dondapati
@neha_97 · 2:07
Basically, if you can find a reason with whatever you are going through and what you need to do about it, how you can release it, how it is purifying you or cleansing you, then automatically that intensity of the suffering lowers, it lessens somehow
LaShekia Chatman
@Sheika_MC · 4:55
I don't know if you've ever taken a dance class unless you're having one on one instruction with your teacher who's touching you a lot. It's very hard to correct the positions of all of the parts of your body unless you're looking in a mirror. It's impossible almost, until you become very aware of your body. And a lot of what happens is when we're in those states of being discombobulated, it's because we've lost an awareness
Mitakshara Shirgaonkar
@Mitakshara · 3:15
Hello Candy, thanks for sharing this. Well, I can very well relate to most of the points that you have mentioned here and here. I would like to add another perspective to what you have spoken about. Often we seek out help from people, from those who are elder to us, those who are seniors who have seen the world better and have multiple experiences based on which they can guide us
Swati Sharma
@Swatiselflove · 2:43
So this is what people make a very big mistake when they are having relationship with people around. They always try to expect too much from people around. They start believing that when they are going to be going through pain, people will always come to, you know, bite their tears, but nobody comes. You have to do it on your own. You have to be your own guardian of peace. You have to be your own mentor. So this is what life actually teaches us
Gentle Flame By India
@INDIA333 · 4:06

Self love is must…

God isolated me, and he forced me to spend time by myself and reevaluate every relationship in my life and take a look around me and see that I was alone, completely alone. So that isolation process showed me how important self love is and how it doesn't make you selfish to make yourself a priority. It doesn't make you a bad person or have boundaries. In fact, it's necessary that you are your main, your first priority
Sarita pramod
@pocketofstories · 3:13

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Hi candy, I loved your post today. No one's coming to save you. Yup, that's what eventually your brain tells you, because we as humans set expectations and the expectation setting is the behavior that eventually always disappoints us with a rare few surprises. So having said that, I love your description because it sounded pretty much like me
@Candy Livesherlife
@candylives · 1:21


I know that for, I know that for a fact. And that's something that gives me great comfort knowing that I am not alone and I'm not navigating this world blindly. That there is, you know, like as you said, there is the divine and there is God behind the scenes working in my favor. So thank you for your words. Thank you for the, you know, I think every single word you spoke actually had very deep meaning
@Candy Livesherlife
@candylives · 2:54


So I guess there is a balance of both. To be able to stand as a plant and as a plant stands tall, it also gains, like, warmth from the sun and moisture from the rain, you know, and animals to spread its seeds. But it stands in its own structural integrity. Well, that's what it reminded me of. But I think your words were very. They were great because it shows that there has to be a balance of both
@Candy Livesherlife
@candylives · 1:19


Everybody has a different experience and being comfortable with that and owning it and being like, okay, my experience, what is best for me may not necessarily be the advice that someone older than me would, you know, give. That's what it is. Right. But thanks for saying that, because I did, you know, it's something that I have observed and it's something to note, but. And as you said, whatever
@Candy Livesherlife
@candylives · 1:44


You know, how you started with being a highly empathetic person towards, like, you know, the end where you said that, you know, like, getting to the point where it's about, like, understanding. It's all about you. You're the one who's present for you. Thanks for that, and I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day
@Candy Livesherlife
@candylives · 2:14


Breaking free from a lot of change, breaking free from a lot of generational curses. So. And that's just what it is. So I think, thanks for putting this out there, you know? And I think it's a really good feeling to know that, wow, okay. There are people around the world who are going through a similar process, who are also learning and growing and having this amazing, like, spiritual experience
@Candy Livesherlife
@candylives · 2:09


You know, they're living their lives. You know, it's. It's you who suffer. It's you who feels tormented you. It's you who feels these yucky feelings and, you know, you just feel hateful. And you know what I think, like, I've come to accept that having expectations is. It's not. It's really not. It's better not to have them. You know, it's okay
Radhika Agrawal
@lunaticsoul · 1:26
So I always go back to that time, and in my head, I tell myself that adult me has got my back, you know, and give her a huge hug. And also, I tell her that I am now the adult that she needed in her life, that she never thought she would be firstly, and she is now healing and helping other people apart from herself. So, yeah, you're the only one who got you and self love. Saving yourself
Sophie Sophia
@sophie_world · 1:52


And gradually many people came to my life as friends and colleagues. And I think all of them have taught me this lesson. Even recently I had a nasty. I think very nasty. I don't know, very nasty heartbreak. And when I look back, I realized that the fault was mine. Because I have to be for myself. I was actually expecting the other person to come and save me. Though I was taking care of the person, though I thought that I loved that person
@Candy Livesherlife
@candylives · 2:05


I think journeys all coming towards the same point when we realize what you said, right? That we've realized that to expect to have these expectations from people to be there and then to be disappointed and realizing that there is no use to have these expectations go, to go through these cycles of expectations and disappointments. Because at the end of the day, as you said, only you can be present for yourself in the way that you need