Diary of a Chronic Overthinker: Reacting in Real-Time

So, of course, I planned to return to the mall the following day and get it all sorted. But during the evening, I started overthinking from the smallest to the worst case scenarios. And the worst case scenario for me was entering into conflict with the store personnel because they refused to acknowledge that they made a mistake. So in anticipation of this event that hasn't even happened yet, I was getting riled up, anxious and upset, and I was losing sleep over it

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Aishani Chatterjee
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I mean, the worst case scenario is something that's so further away from what actually happens. And yet we have this habit of trying to analyze every situation, trying to find out the alternative endings to certain situations and how we are going to react to them. And we have that reaction and we go through that entire emotional turmoil that we would have gone through if the thing was actually to happen
Ranjana Kamo
@Gamechanger · 0:36
Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Candy. Overthinking to some extent is really good because like you rightly mentioned, we can anticipate so many things we can predict and we can be ready for the outcomes and ready to take action in every kind of scenario. But then overthinking can always make us paranoid too. So there is always a flip side side. But yes, we have to probably balance it out in a way that it works for us
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aamna singh
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But then, you know, it has the flip side, as somebody else also said it, that, you know, there's always a flip side. And in moderation, if you kind of, you know, constur when you kind of balance yourself out, you realize that, you know, thoughtful consideration can always be very beneficial. Excessive rumination can surely have negative effects. But finding balance, I think, is super key
Payal Shandil Gupta
@Payal_Shandil · 1:40
Good morning, Candy. Thank you for the wonderful trail. I think I needed it. I am an overthinker, and the amount of arguments I've had with my husband, with my family, with my colleagues, with strangers, with even imaginary people is astounding. I don't have any other word for that. And I do agree. We need to, people like you and me, we need to learn to live in the present
Mala Sridhar
@Mala · 1:08
As long as we don't attach worry to overthinking about something that has happened in the past or something that's going to happen in the future, as long as we have that awareness, then I think overthinking is perfectly all right. And, yeah, people who overthink are intelligent people. On that positive note, I wish you all a brilliant day. Bye
Isoellen Writes
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Thank you for sharing this. I thought that some of your thoughts and your motivations and your way of giving yourself a little bit of space. Well, anyways, I was moved. I enjoyed this swell. It made me think, and that's always really good. And so I just wanted to say thank you for sharing it
@Candy Livesherlife
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Hello, Ayeshani, and thank you so much for your response. And, you know, what was interesting was towards the end of your response, you mentioned how negative thinking. Right. Negative thinking actually leads you to manifest some negative things in your life, which is very interesting. Yeah, it's, I think, very similar to self prophecy as well, you know, but it was very interesting to hear that
@Candy Livesherlife
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But on the other hand, if it is debilitating, to the extent that it's not going to help you use it as a tool, then that's not good. Right. So thanks for that. And I think the key to it at the end of the day, as we talked about, is most definitely balance
@Candy Livesherlife
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Hello. Good morning. And I think this is the first time I've heard of the term decision paralysis. And I'm glad you talked about it, because when you talked about it, I realized that this is something that's happened quite often with me as well. When, you know, you overthink yourself into the state where you're unable to make a decision or action towards a certain situation, and then you do nothing at all, and then it just makes the situation worse
Ranjana Kamo
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Thank you so much, Candy. I'm glad you agree. And, yes, balance is always good in whichever aspect we may look at in life. Thank you so much. Bye
@Candy Livesherlife
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Good morning, Payal. And I'm always astounded by the amount of positive energy that comes with you. Good morning. And, you know, you had me laughing at the part where you said you fight with, of course, you said your family, but also like, imaginary people. And I confess I've done this myself countless times. That's why I was laughing, laughing out loud. And, you know, I think you've offered a different perspective
@Candy Livesherlife
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And if it causes you this kind of, like, very stressful, causes you to be in a stress, that's when it becomes, like, a negative. Yeah, negative to you. So thanks for that. Thanks for that perspective. And I think, like, I really liked it
@Candy Livesherlife
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Hello. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and for leaving a response. I'm really glad that this swell moved you. And I think I can go ahead and pat myself on the back and say, job well done. Because I think the reason I put out these thoughts and these sentiments is to, I think, get all of us to think about it. Right. It's my experience, but it's also an experience that's shared by so many people