May I wash your feet? 🦶

And the message that he was sending out that I was getting is that true leadership is not about the authority or the power and exercising it, but true leadership, when it comes to people, is about coming towards people in humility. And as a matter of what else, humility and serving the person. And that was very, very powerful for me

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Part 2 : May I wash your feet?

And I have reflected and realized that I am here to serve you, you know, to serve you as well as my fellow leaders. And, you know, in that room, you know, there were guys and girls in that room. You know, I could. The silence. It was silent. And it wasn't that it was uncomfortable, but I could tell that barriers were being broken down between me and them and one another
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Hi candy, what a lovely story. And the quotation or the excerpt from the Bible about washing feet is definitely, I'm sure mentioned somewhere in other religions also