The "I" in Intuition

Some of us want a simple life, others to live a life of solitude in a monastery, others to live a life of adventure, restoring the natural habitat, others choosing not to have a family or children, or to purely work towards a cause. And oftentimes this type of happiness looks absurd. The world tells people that this is absurd and it tells us that it's abnormal. So my point is that we need to trust our intuition and find the path that truly makes us happy

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Speaking Buddha
@Vivek.Padalia · 1:00


Hello. This is beautifully said that I in you having the inner voice, the truth and is the core for happiness. I echo with you and I fully agree that intuition is something which comes from deep inside you and it is only truth. It's your soul's voice. This. So if we can hear that, if we can act according to that, I think that would lead to the happiness, the success, the peace
preethy uthup
@peeli · 5:00
Hi, Candy. It's a beautiful subject, what you have taken in. And let me start in a. I wouldn't say on a different perspective, but it has relevance to your thing, but in a very different angle. If you see our culture as Indians, you know, we usually say, namaste. That means there is a God in you
Maurice Lekea
@malekea · 3:05
So I have something because I meditate a lot, and I do lot of inner work. I don't know if that, because of that, that my intuition has been developed so strongly. But I do tell you that when I feel about something, about decision making, about connecting with people or going somewhere, if I don't feel it, I just listen to my inner voice. I don't do it
Ranjana Kamo
@Gamechanger · 0:11
Absolutely right, Candy. You know, we should always listen to our inner voice, our intuition, because it is never wrong. So thank you for sharing this. Have a lovely day. Bye
inderjit …
@inder · 4:38
I've planted the wisdom in my heart next to every signpost in the sky. A wealthy man often becomes eccentric. A divine grace soul is transformed into infinite generosity, tying gold sacks of gratuity to the dangling feet of moons, planets, ecstatic mideather wishes, and singing birds. Because every cell in your body is reaching out for God. I speak because every cell in your body is reaching out for God. And my dear friend, that is exactly what intuition is
@Candy Livesherlife
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Hello, Vivek. Merry Christmas. And thank you for your response to this. Well, on intuition. And while I was listening to your response, I noticed that you used a very interesting word. You said, we need to learn how to listen to our intuition. And I think that that is true because it doesn't come naturally. We don't listen to our intuition naturally, or maybe some of us more naturally so than others. Us, I think
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@Candy Livesherlife
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Hello, Preeti. Merry Christmas. I hope you're having a wonderful day with your family. And, you know, in this. Well, I was talking about intuition, but you have brought a different perspective to it, and I didn't know the symbolism of Namaste. And that's really nice, actually, when you say Namaste, that it's honoring the God with, within the other person. And I really like that, actually
@Candy Livesherlife
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Hello, Maurice. And first off, Merry Christmas. And I don't know what the time difference is. I think you mentioned you were in the US, so I'm not sure where you are. But I hope that whether I'm early or late, I'm wishing you Merry Christmas. And it was really nice listening to your response, because as you said, you are an intuitive person. You have strong instincts. And as you said, it's gift that God has given you
@Candy Livesherlife
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Hello. Merry Christmas. Thank you for your words and for responding to the swell that I talked about. Intuition. And also, as you said, it is important to listen to the voice inside of us because, yeah, it is never wrong. And that's what I'm learning currently at the moment. To learn to trust that voice inside of me rather than the voices around. So thank you so much, and I hope you have a wonderful day
Ranjana Kamo
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Most welcome candy
@Candy Livesherlife
@candylives · 2:43


The need to express, the need to go ahead and express yourself, whether it's art, dance, writing, music, whatever it is, even speaking right. To go ahead and express. To feel that urgent, to push it out there. And this is something that I relate to because I've been conscientious, not conscientiously, but consciously doing this this year, 23 I've been doing this, and for no reason. I'm not a content creator
Maurice Lekea
@malekea · 2:12
Hi Candy. To answer your question about my location, I'm in Washington state. It's not Washington DC, but Washington state on the northwest of United States. If you look at the map, us map, you go up on top and left. So that's the northwest. So it's nearby California, nearby Oregon, et cetera. So that's where I believe we have a 9 hours difference. I may be wrong because right now it's 713 here and you must be 08:00 a.m
Himanshi Thakur
@GreyMatter · 3:00
But when I listened to it, even that day, the first thought was that wow, how beautifully has she put. And this is absolutely true. I think this is your superpower, the way your thoughts interlink and connect to each other like a river flow. It's beautiful to listen to you and what a beautiful mind you have. It just makes me feel glad and happy to know you and to have befriended you and to share the bond that we share. It's truly magical
@Candy Livesherlife
@candylives · 2:53


Trusting your intuition and going and following your heart, not allowing other people to dictate what is meant for you. Right. And I think that's very important. So, key. Dude, thank you for responding to this, and I myself have responded so late. I have a bunch of swells to respond to, and I'm going to get on it right now. So thank you. I hope you are better