Enya: May It Be

I absolutely love fantasy, so I love the Lord of the Rings and I fell in love with this song when I was listening to it, so I thought that I would sing it for you. It has a very haunting, soulful kind of melody and Anya has this quality about her voice that I love. So I'm just going to say I'm going to attempt to sing this song, but you should definitely listen to the original song as well because it's absolutely beautiful

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preethy uthup
@peeli · 0:27
Hi, Kenti. Good afternoon. It was so nice to hear your voice, candy. It's a new music that I've heard. I mean, I've never heard the song before, so it was really nice and soothing. And the words were thought provoking. I would say that. So really nice. Keep it up. Take care. Bye
Challa Sri Gouri
@challasrigouri · 0:33
Hi, Candy. This song was really heart touching. And I'm actually listening this song for the first time. But the song, candy, especially your voice, touched my heart. I really loved it and it's beyond words. I can't describe how connected I felt with your song and all. Thank you so much for such a beautiful song and for making our day bright with your wonderful voice and beautiful feelings. Thank you. Have a great day
Adarsh Rai
@TheDevilsHorse · 1:43
Hey Candy, thank you so much for such a lovely song. And guess what? I did not heard it before. Okay? I'm not that great lord of the Rings fan. Okay, fortunately, unfortunately. And before replying to this beautiful song of yours, I listen send it from YouTube, Anya tv, and I hope I'm pronouncing it clearly. And boy oh boy, this is absolutely stunning song. The vibe of it, the music and the endless certainty surrounding this and that line
@Candy Livesherlife
@candylives · 0:47


So I'm happy that I got to introduce her to you and also like to listen to some of her other songs that are very popular and definitely a lot of hidden deep meaning in her lyrics. That's the reason why I like listening to, and I love her voice as well. So thanks once again, Preeti, for dropping by, candy, for encouraging me by putting a comment. I really, really appreciate it
@Candy Livesherlife
@candylives · 1:07


Her voice is very calming so I just love listening to her. Honestly, it's very hard to do it justice. Her voice is very unique but I wanted to sing it all the same. I just wanted to share the amazing, the amazing song and the artist that she is. So thanks, Adesh. Thanks for all the support as always and for cheering me on and I hope you have an amazing and wonderful day and that the weekend ahead especially is especially restful