Brandon Taylor
@BT26 · 4:59

Daily Drive Episode 241: Set a reminder

Sometimes people got a lot of things on their plate, but this is something I need to work on you about. Right. And like I said, this month is child abuse prevention month, but also is this stress relief month. Right? So I'm going to do two weeks of each, but then also check up on you guys as well too. Okay? So that's just a little preference and a little announcement before we wrap the session up

#self #mental #stressfree

Denise Lewis
@myconfettitree3 · 3:37
And there would go, there would be weeks where, you know, I have kids that are, you know, in their thirties and, you know, late twenties, and I was like, you know, I have grandkids. And it's like, how do you find that balance of checking up on people? And, you know, my mom passed away a week ago