It's. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Happy Friday. Especially happy Cinco de Mayo. This is your boy, BT, and this is your Daily Drive. Episode 48 so a big thing as far as this month, where this month is Mental Health Awareness Month, right? And a lot of times is where we tend to go into different things, and we overwhelm ourselves so bad that we don't realize that when there's a night, there's a day, right?

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Brandon Taylor
@BT26 · 4:59


It. All right, we're back. So as I was stating earlier, that when it comes down to feeling as though there is no light at the end of the tunnel and your night is you basically saying good night, there is actually hope for you. I can do this. But it takes you to realize that. And again, as far as suffering and silence, a lot of people don't realize that