But if you have heard those things so many times and it starts to repeat, it's like, well, are you actually sorry for what happened, or are you still going to continue on those actions, excuse me. Without any sort of resolve or any sort of results, right? The big example is when you mess up on a diet, right? You had a couple of cheat days. You like dag. I feel sorry for doing this, but I sure am hungry

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Denise Lewis
@myconfettitree3 · 4:04
Hello, and good morning. I really like this topic. It's had me sitting and thinking about this for a while. So forgiveness. Yeah. My old mindset was in it, so it's still the same, but not to the extreme. So I've always forgiven people, probably too easily, because I see people for who they are, and I see myself. I put myself in their shoe so I can easily forgive
Brandon Taylor
@BT26 · 2:27


And if I'm not, then what am I? What do I need to do to get back into my level of forgiveness and move on and have a better life? So thank you again for the reply and hopefully I hear back from you for more topics