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Do you support a UBI? Do you know what it is? See recent article in research-based academic journal and share your thoughts, please. :) Brooke 💕

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Karan Dev
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UBI is a great idea!

Hey, I didn't quite catch your swell, but I just wanted to make two quick points. I'm completely in favor of universal basic income. I think governments across the world need to start thinking about it more seriously, especially considering the pandemic and and how every other stimulus measure hasn't really delivered much results on the ground. And Secondly, I think the whole purpose of it is to enhance workers'productivity, right?
Shammi Mohamed
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Hey Brooke, thanks for sharing this article. As you already know, I'm a big proponent of UBI and was Yang Gang. At one point, I still am. For that matter. I really like that this article dispelled was the whole myth that giving a UBI would decrease productivity and make people lazy. On the contrary, it's the opposite. Thank you for sharing it. It's
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Welcome to Swell!

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Thanks @Karan.Dev and @shammi! Talking UBI sparked a tangent, lol oops! 🤣

And we are subjected to this larger than life idea of institutions that we empower, that disempower us individually. And that I'm saying, I don't favor revolution. But I see evolution happening before our eyes, and we all do in technology, don't we? It is expanding and changing exponentially. Is that what that means? Exponentially like it's happening rapidly and more fast over time