Brooke C.
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INFJ DA March Project

Not ruling out any genders, as the kids say. And, oh, age group, no. What else? One other. Oh, I like to be trauma informed, to be honest. And I think so many of us either haven't learned about trauma or have and realize that we are all affected by it. Big t, little t. I'll spill all the tea in coming time. In due time. Good listener, beloved friend, exotic stranger, future reader. Okay

Long time no talk Swell! Update, write, laugh, collaborate xo

Rocío (Ro) Christensen
@rocio · 0:16
Hey, welcome back. So nice that you decided to revisit. Swell. It's always nice to hear familiar voices return after being out in the world and living. It's nice to hear these updates. So yeah, thank you for sharing