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This is so annoying @swell. I'm am not going to re_record this and I don't see a way to copy and paste this reply into the conversation.

And this is where the conspiracy theory comes in, because the way that we're conditioned and trained basically and programmed through television programming, they don't hide it very well. They being who the Illuminati. I don't know

Srsly who designed this app? Are they done? The number of pain points is crazy. I'm replying to @SeekingPlumb CONTRADICTIONS post.

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And if you need any sort of guide posts to get there, the top right corner of the post has three little dots and a menu pops up, and there are different options. One of them, I believe, says Get link, and it gives you a link so you can share it within the app. And then you'll say, copy, and then you can go over and respond and paste it in your description. I wish I could help with your frustrations with the app

Regarding my reply...

And if you don't or can't share it over there, then I'm maybe do that so that I can give you a reply anyway. I hope that makes sense and I will catch you in a little bit