What is the secret to peace of mind (amd being happy all the time)?

Okay, welcome everyone. Thanks so much for being here again today. And the thing I like about swell is, you know, it's short and sweet. We get right to the point. So that's what I'm going to do. Yeah. The question of this swell podcast, what is the key to inner peace? What is the secret to inner peace and to being happy all the time?

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Dewuan .
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It. What happens if, just for a split second, you aren't happy? Does it mean you start over? Does it mean you failed and you should stop being happy? Where did the idea come from that we have to be happy all of the time? It what if some people are naturally happy when they are, but they don't force the issue and they instead seek balance, a level of stoicism, if you will
Pritha Lal
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But even more than the dumplings, I think probably the fact that you know that at any given point in time, you are present in that moment, giving it your energy that it deserves, and then stepping away from it and knowing you did your best with that situation, even if it made you cry, even if it hurt you when you look back in hindsight, you know you lived a genuine, authentic moment of being and becoming yourself, without disclaimers, without any prefaces and any kind of excuses, if you will
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Maurice Lekea
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And there are so much to unpack here that I'm going to just leave it there. But thank you for sharing this. That's my way of living. That's how I see myself. That's how I see my life. Thanks again for listening. See you again in a different trail. Bye