Y'all. I'm driving home and Bambi almost got f***** up. She almost got f***** up. I'm riding home and her mama ran across the street. First. I'm like, cool. She gone. Then I keep driving. You all know I drive a red Mustang, and I ain't slow down. Thankfully, Bambi, I saw that little a** because I had to slam on the brakes

Like I said, Bambi almost got hit

Eluchianna Olive
@Luchianna · 2:26
We just kind of took over their land, so to speak. So now they just like, there's no car supposed to be on this road. What are you talking about? What houses? Human. Did you see about the bear in the car? Hold up this lady's Range Rover. Tow it up. I mean, when I tell you got inside and just wreak havoc in her vehicle, I'm like, you can have it. Papa can have it. I'm done

Glad you didn’t hit Bambi. #deer #driving #animanlcrossing

Hey, man. First of all, I'm glad you didn't hit Bambi. I can totally relate, though. We live in the mountains and have come across many times, bears, deer and other wild animals. It really freaks me out when we're driving at night and come across one of these. So we drive slow and just, I guess, continue to pay attention. Anyway, good post. Thanks