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Why Going to Therapy Isn't Enough: What do you think of the Jonah Hill "boundaries" texts?

Being in therapy doesn't automatically equal that you are the picture of health and actively dismantling the ways in which patriarchy has shaped your thinking and causes power imbalances and potentially harm in your relationships

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And within that, I feel like that said therapist or psychologist would have to have been through enough life experiences for themselves so that they too can relate. When they do have a client come to them with said problems, they're able to get to the root of it and not just the surface level of it as far as the spiritual aspect to it
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And it seems like either they never had this conversation or Jonah knew all of these things, which she likely did because she's a surfer and is just using this as an opportunity to be, again, manipulative and gaslight her and all of these things. I think that it's no secret that men in this country, especially now, are going down some pretty dangerous paths with how they treat women perceive women. The rise of Andrew Tate, I think, has a lot to do with this
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He's clearly communicating what he wants and does not want out of their relationship and it's up to her to decide is that something she's on board with or not? I'm guessing since she's aired these out, she wasn't on board with it and hey, life goes on. But in the world of social media, we can now pick and prod ad nauseam about text message when we don't got the whole relationship. We only have her word so far
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So as I'm having my full bladder and I'm standing there literally with my legs crossed answering her questions, by the time I was finished, she was so floored by my responses that she said look, I have to have you at my event. Please, I would love to invite you as a speaker. And I said to her, let's talk offline. We did speak offline. I said, I want to clarify, I'm not a relationship expert
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Part 2

Now, I want to go back to the image I posted in my first response, but the question is who loved their girl more? And out of all of the and I can't really say I can name all of the movies, so I can only speak from the movies I am aware of. And even with me speaking from the movies I'm aware of in that previous image, the relationship that I would point to the most from specifics I recall from the movie would be Forest Gump and Jenny
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It. Being in therapy certainly is not enough. People need to work on their changes actively for a long time until it becomes second nature. If you know you have to change some things about yourself and you have to change some things about yourself. Therapy should teach you that. However, it doesn't ever teach you what other people have to change in order to be with you. That's ridiculous. If you don't like it the way you see it, then don't go in that direction