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Is "Quiet Quitting" real? Let's talk about The Great Resignation

The true problem isn't that employees aren't working hard enough. It's usually that they're being expected to run themselves into the ground and to not be treated as humans. What do you think of all of this? Have you ever been a quote unquote quiet quitter? Or do you have questions?

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Binati Sheth
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So yeah, in my side of the world at least, people are quitting very loudly and then they are going right back to their older jobs because life smacked them in the face. But I think it's a system with lot of, I suppose technological developments that we are seeing on different fronts. I think we are going to see the introduction of some other parameters alongside profitability. That's what I think of this whole thing
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Those that want work will find it.

So I think at least in America as a whole, everybody stopped working, a massive portion of them, and they just don't know how to work after that. Besides, the generation wasn't working very hard anyways. Now, are there people working really hard in this generation? You better believe it. There are people that started out with a lawnmower and a truck and they're multimillionaires today not very long down the road
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Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. I loved hearing your perspective, particularly because we're living in different cultural contexts. So to hear more about it from the perspective of someone living in India is so interesting to me. And I really agree with you based on what I have observed in my communities of people who they're leaving their jobs and really not quitting quietly at all, but actually quitting quite loudly to go do their own thing or find another way to support themselves
Sheena Henderson
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And when she left, it was no longer like that. It went downhill. Things were crazy, and, yeah, I don't think I can work for anybody else outside of myself. It's just way too much technology and money out here, and I don't think we have to settle for being unhappy, being underpaid and mistreated and sometimes quiet or loud. Quitting is possibly the best thing to do
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I've actually been having a lot of conversations with friends who went through a similar thing to you where they just reached a breaking point and couldn't take it and actually quit unexpectedly in a lot of situations, which I find really inspiring, actually. And I think it's amazing how you are instilling that sort of financial independence in your daughters and thinking about out the ways that they can work for themselves, develop the tools and skills that they need to do that
J.L. Beasley
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And do I have this quiet, unwavering confidence that all my needs are provided for and I'm taken care of and things are already taken care of and they're going to happen at their divine and appointed time? Absolutely. What I would encourage leaders to consider, especially me, who led a team before my position, that I've resigned for my previous position to that I had over 160 people that reported to me. I was the director
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The leaders I've seen really struggle, lose people quickly, have a really burnt out or ineffective workforce, are those who always put themselves first, their opinions first, their style of communicating first, what they perceive to be the ultimate goal first. These are not environments in which goals are met productively or effectively and where people feel respected