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"Laziness Does Not Exist." Do you agree?

Price in this article that I've linked here, if you're curious to dig more into his work, talks about why hard work is problematic because oftentimes marginalized people and people of color and those dealing with other mental illness and issues are called lazy

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I also want to share a link real quick that is referenced in the article by Dr. Price, and it's often used by therapists in relation to values. So if you're feeling unclear right now on your values, wondering if perhaps they aren't in line with where you are, and maybe that's why you're feeling sluggish or unmotivated or any of those synonyms I discussed, this sheet can be really useful and helping clarify where your values are right now. Enjoy
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You have to know your Why

Why do you do what you do? Why are you going to a job that you hate? You have to really want to go to that job that you hate. You have to have a goal in life. You have to have a direction that you're traveling. And if you don't have a why, you do start slacking off. I did it for five years
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Thank you so much for sharing. I really appreciate this perspective because I think often if we just call someone lazy or view ourselves as lazy, it's just not helpful, actually. And what you said feels so in line with me with that advice of, like, really looking at your values, like, where are your values not aligned with your daily life?
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You may get paid less, you may make less money. The risk you take might have had less payoff or no payoff at all. You might have gone through less degrees and certifications. But generally speaking, if you're working any kind of job, I think you're working pretty hard now. There's a difference between the image of working or success, work, career success, and actually doing it
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I really appreciate your perspective on this in relation to there not being many, if any, jobs that exist in the United States where you're not working hard. And it's interesting because it makes me feel aware, too, of just like, what's hard for someone can wildly differ depending on life stage, skill, ability, any physical, mental or emotional limitations. And I think that's what's really interesting about a lot of the work that Dr