The Mandalorian (audio-cosplay)

Some of you may know me if you know the mandalorian. If you do not know the mandalorian, you must go binge. Watch it now. This is the way. What is the mandalorian? You may be asking? A lot of people are very familiar with the kid grogu. Trust me when I say he is not as soft and cuddly as you may think. He can whoop your a** and throw you across the universe before you can say this is the way

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S. Michelle Blackwell
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Do you want to play in the audio cosplay world? Go ahead, post your reply. Tell your story. This is the way
From Silence
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It's. Pardon me if I am breaking up the flow of the cosplay activity. I am just curious to learn a little bit more about what you do through this. I will confess that I have been a star wars fan my entire life and the online persona that I use in almost all places here being one of the few exceptions is based on a character from a star wars game that I played 20 years ago now or longer than that. Yeah, has to be that long ago