Gary La Buda
@Boots · 4:51

No more shame. (Vulnerability acceptance)

The world that would not accept me in my own mind. So I'm numbing my uncomfortable feelings with booze and lies. So I fit into this ugly world and perceive myself as normal. Hoping that others would see me this way so I could fit in and not be judged. I screamed for a world to hear me and care for me in a world made of acting and lying to all to be

Understanding I'm okay with being me. No more show for others acceptance. #awareness #depression #vulnerability #courage #honesty #notperfect #boots

Gary La Buda
@Boots · 4:44

#understanding #mentalhealth #mentalillness

Each of my capes, each of my feelings of the past, it starts very rough, it starts very hard. But in time, lots of time, it slowly lessens. Never truly to go away, but always becomes a little bit more livable. In my new real messed up world, I still get very high and very low in emotion. I'm scared, I'm anxious, I'm pain. But sensitive is not something I hide anymore