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Shahnaz Ahmed
@bookishpodcast · 0:38

Thank you Marc

Hey, guys. So just want to let you know that I was on the radio with Mark today and on his show, The Mark Medley Show. And I had so much fun. So, Mark, thank you so much for having me on it was just so much fun talking books and bookish stuff and all that. All of it. And yeah, I can't wait to listen to it on YouTube. Hope I didn't make a total fool of myself. I hope not


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Marc A.
@AllenMarquis · 1:06
And maybe I'll have to record something else again to connect it to the link. But we had an absolute blast. You can catch it on my YouTube channel whenever I get it up, which, as I said, will be this evening. And again, we had a wonderful time conversation about books. We were definitely two bookworms, two geeks, two nerds, whatever you want to call it. But we had a good time. And we talked about the importance of reading
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Shahnaz Ahmed
@bookishpodcast · 2:32

@AllenMarquis finally listened on my podcast 😂

It just brought a big smile on my face. And if my book ever makes it anywhere, Mark, I better show back up on your show to promote my book at that point. But that's down the road. I'm still second draft, and it's a long process. I'm just trying to think out loud here in just stream of consciousness. But I'm thinking reading circle. If I'll be reading, I don't think it would be. I don't know
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