Episode : 9 - What to look for in a publisher?

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And then there's the world of independent publishing, small presses and boutique publishers. They specialize in specific genres or niches, offering personalized attention and unique opportunities. As I weighed my options, one thing became clear. I needed a publisher who shared my passion and believed in my goal. My Romcom wasn't just a book. It was a journey to capture the hearts of a specific age group. The right publisher isn't just a business partner. They are the bridge between your words and your readers hearts

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Binati Sheth
@Binati_Sheth · 3:02


Let's be realistic, at least in the modern ecosystem. And then with every decision that people face, there are like two things, right? One is the ideal put on a pedestal version of what being an author, being a successful writer is. And then there is all the real stuff, the ugly, raw real stuff that actually goes into making that first option happen in the first place. So I completely agree with you in that you have to look for publishers
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The Bookbot Theory
@Bookbot · 2:00

So true @Binati_Sheth

You. Hey, that's so brilliantly put to all that you said. I would just add one more thing, which I usually come across, is that people believe once they write a book, they can become a millionaire or a billionaire or at least earn very well. That's another fact that they need to realize that that doesn't happen, unfortunately. And some of the best selling authors like the biggest names and we are talking about people like Margaret Atwood and all
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