Life Overhaul | Raw Vegan Plant Based Journey 2024 | Episode 0

But he noticed how he went to go from raw vegan to vegetarian or cooked food, and he just noticed his vibrations would dip just by doing that. Or while he was on the raw vegan for the year, he noticed that just at work, his relationships with his colleagues. So it has an effect on your life in total, according to a lot of this stuff I've been watching and reading. So we're all going to this together. So tune in every single day for the details

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Magenta Deveraux
@AKAMagenta · 1:34
Hey Rick, congratulations on going raw and raw. Raw vegan plant based journey. If you need some inspirations or whatever, but I know the locks like jadakiss, Styles P. They have gone. They are raw vegans too, as well. Maya is a raw vegan. I think she's vegan. There's a few black people in terms of world culture and entertainment industry who have gone the raw vegan plant. I'm actually going to stop eating meat this year too and see how that works
R. Porchia
@Block24Media · 1:15


Now, Maya, I would say, is one of the first people that really brought this to my attention when I seen I just was having to do like, a google search a couple years ago. Whatever happened to Maya? And I noticed that she was vegan and raw vegan, and that's the lifestyle she had been living. And she just doesn't look like she's aged at all. She always looks like she's glowing. Just very beautiful