Amy Pendle
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Subversive Behaviors: getting what we really want

So it's important before we go fighting for something, especially as an adult, is that really what you want? Because the more responsibility you take on, the more situations you involve yourself in. You know, those are all things on your plate. That's your energy. You know, whether it's a partner, a dynamic and a relationship that's healthy, that's good for you, then you want to seek more of that

Learned behaviors start with us and can have huge impacts on what we are experiencing on a personal level

Julie Brezenski
@evainlincoln · 3:09
I didn't in fact want her. And so I really resisted learning how to be a good caretaker and provider for her. I just did the best I could, which really didn't involve any thought on my part. Now that I have a man in my life and have had for over 18 months, or close to 18 months, who knows how to be a good master as it relates to the dog, it's also teaching me that I need to have the calm, assertive energy
Amy Pendle
@Blind_Profit · 4:08


And I was just talking about, you know, dog training myself with my mom and having that, the attention. The dog I was working with, the dog, was not food driven, you know, outside of the house because their attention was so random. But in the house, you could train certain behaviors and actions with a reward or a treat or positive reinforcement