Blair Redmond
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If you are sick, sit your ass at home!!

But I have not been able to keep anything inside my stomach, including water. Luckily it's only coming out of my mouth and it's not coming out of the other end. But couldn't even drink water, so I haven't had anything to eat for 24 hours. I finally had maybe a fourth of a cup of water like 20 minutes ago and I've been able to keep that down. But I am so nauseous. I am just fatigued. I have the chills

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Missy Jones
@lemrjane · 2:07
It's girlfriend. I am going to rant with you this morning. How about that? Look, okay, about two months ago, we had Covid. Once. I haven't had the vaccine. I do not want the vaccine because I'm very religious. That's my beliefs and that's my choice. But, I mean, if you took the vaccine, that's your belief. That's your choice. Yes. This is a free country. This is America
Missy Jones
@lemrjane · 0:45
It me being a workaholic? Yes. Yes. You just said you were a workaholic. I like to draw, paint. I like to sing. Well, I like. I'm a songwriter, so I write songs. But how can I do it? When I had Covid for the second time, it let. It got to me because I'm 40 vaped. But I got through it okay. Yes, I got a little COPD because I used to smoke in my younger days
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Missy Jones
@lemrjane · 1:34
You, girlfriend. Listen, eat your crackers today, okay? Drink your ginger ale and have you a good rest day. You don't need a lot of food on your stomach. When you have a virus, it's just going to irritate it. When you have a virus, you have to starve it. A cold, you feed it. But when you're nauseous, because I know this, I grew up very nauseous. My stomach. I have a weak stomach
J.L. Beasley
@Her_Sisu · 4:51
And I don't know about you, it's horrible shopping for things when you don't feel well because, one, I feel bad about being out because I am a nurse, and in my mind I'm like, oh, you're contaminating other people. Two, then try to sift through and read the different signs and symptoms on the medication that's over the counter. And should I take this or is it that? Or whatever it is?
Blair Redmond
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For some reason, I feel like that just scenario and situation that you described is something that just repeated so much with COVID which is funny to me because it's still a sickness. Whatever you want to believe about it, it's still a sickness that can spread like any other sickness. People wanted to act like, oh, it didn't matter that I got exposed to Covid. Like what? Like, what are you talking about?
Blair Redmond
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It's. Thank you. Thank you. I did. I did rest. I finally drank an immunity refresher, which had a whole bunch of juices in it and nutrients this afternoon, and that stayed down. So I was like, okay, that the way to eating some soup? And I did go puff me some crackers ass home soup because I didn't have any. And JL commented, and it was like, you got to have staples. And I'm like, I know
Blair Redmond
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After I had Covid for the first time for many months, I still had what I would call mental fog, mental fatigue. But songwriter, do you have songs on this app, or what app are you on for your music?
Blair Redmond
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But it's like, once you throw up, it's like, I'm good for a while. It's like, whatever, I'm good. And why I kept on throwing up is because I kept on drinking water. I was just drinking water and I was just throwing up the water and I was just like, okay, clearly your stomach doesn't want anything in it, not even water. But I'd rather have that because when you have the other, it can last a while
Missy Jones
@lemrjane · 2:08


Hey, girlfriend. I'm sitting here at my table painting as I'm talking to you right now and vaping. It's crazy in it. I'm so glad you feel better. I really am. But, yeah, I sang on smule, and it's at Lemrjane. Smule. Sm U-L-E. It's a karaoke app. I used to do it for fun, but it kind of got overwhelming, so I had to back off when everything happened with the world
Erica Jean
@HeyItsErica · 2:05
And I know in our country, here in good old America, a lot of us are afraid to take that time off when we're sick because we're afraid of what the boss may say or that there may be repercussions. And I do believe that a fellow writer talked about this before. She said the job that she has in Germany is so different. She felt so afraid to take time off for being sick, and they wondered why
Blair Redmond
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Thank you, bun bun. Thank you so much for your words. And you are absolutely correct. You are 1000% correct. And yes, we need to rest, and our body will definitely make us sit down if we do not listen to it. And that's kind of what happened to me a little bit. So I appreciate you for listening and taking the time to comment, as always, and hope you have a great day
Jodi Lin
@JodiLin65 · 0:07
I agree that if you're sick and you're contagious and you know you're contagious, you should definitely stay home